My area of speciality is the philosophy of language. I study natural language and how we use it to circulate information. Topics of current interest include discourse structure, the speech act of assertion, linguistic deception (e.g. lying, misleading), propositional anaphora, the semantics and pragmatics of declarative sentences, the meaning/force interface, multidimensional semantics, and hedging. My areas of competence include metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of science.


Peer-reviewed papers

Invited articles

  • (In preparation). Assertoric data. Assertion: Foundational Issues. (eds.) M. Simion, H. Cappelen.
  • (forthcoming). Testimony and grammatical evidentials. Routledge Handbook of Social Epistemology. (eds.) M. Fricker, P. Graham, D. Henderson, N. Pedersen, J. Wyatt. Routledge.
  • (forthcoming). Hedged assertion (with Matthew Benton). Oxford Handbook of Assertion. (ed.) S. Goldberg. Oxford University Press.

Pedagogical work