Dr. Zhao has worked on these lines of research:

  • Effective Force Testing

PhD research at the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Dr. French and Dr. Shield. (Project Website)

  • Headed Concrete Anchorage

Behavior and Design of Cast-in-Place Anchors under Simulated Seismic Loading (NEES-Anchor): Research at UWM with Dr. Shahrooz from the University of Cincinnati. (Project Website).

Design of Headed Reinforcing Bars in Concrete: Research at UWM with Dr. Hoffman from the University of Stuttgart. (details to be provided)

  • Impact of Overweight Vehicles

Analysis of Permit Vehicle Loads in Wisconsin (WisDOT): Research at UWM with Dr. Tabatabai.

Using Weigh-in-Motion Data in Bridge Rating (CFIRE): Research at UWM with Dr. Tabatabai (PI).

Impact of Overweight Vehicles (with Heavy Axle Loads) on Bridge Deck Deterioration (CFIRE): Research at UWM with Dr. Tabatabai.

Water Absorption Tests for Measuring Permeability of Field Concrete (CFIRE): Research at UWM with Dr. Tabatabai and Dr. Sobolev.

Water Absorption Used to Quantifiably Determine Propagation of Microcracks within Concrete

Assessments of Concrete Internal Damage Caused by Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Mechanical Loading

  • Modeling Nonlinear Shear Lag Effect

Nonlinear Shear Lag in Thin-Walled Flexural Members for Bridges and Buildings

  • Modeling Bond between Steel and Concrete

Modeling Strain Penetration Effects in Fiber-based Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Post-doc research at Iowa State University under the supervision of Dr. Sritharan. (Project Website)

Local Bond-Slip Behavior of Deformed Steel Bars with Inelastic Deformation.

  • Advanced Sensor Technology

A Sensor Based on Electromagnetic Surface Wave Propagation for Bridge Monitoring (UWM RGI-3)

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