Ten-year-old Donald’s new music video. He created the music in Logic Pro on his own, and he and I then added video clips shot in our yard. The baby-bird video was shot by his mom a few weeks ago, though (as you can see) the nest remains attached to our house.

Afloat, by Don Safari from Edward Hinchman on Vimeo.

Second-grader Jamie’s afternoon performance (solo, with looper pedal) at the Cumberland School Variety Show, 25 February 2017:


Jamie’s evening performance at the 2017 Variety Show:


Fourth-grader Donald’s evening performance (in a ‘jazz trio’) at the 2017 Variety Show (the trio’s afternoon performance didn’t get properly recorded):


Donald (3rd grade) and Jamie (1st grade) performing as Harry Potters together at the 2016 Variety Show:


Some earlier pics of both boys:

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