Donald’s first piano recital, 29 April 2018 (he’s been taking piano lessons, alongside guitar, since last fall):


Fifth-grader Donald’s afternoon performance at the Cumberland School Variety Show, 3 March 2018:


Donald’s evening performance at the 2018 Variety Show:


Third-grader Jamie’s afternoon performance at the 2018 Variety Show, in an orchestral group (the evening performance was plagued by microphone problems):


Here’s one of ten-year-old Donald’s music videos, made in the summer of 2017:

Donald has posted several music videos on his YouTube channel, some with computer animation, others with filmed visual content. He creates the music in Apple Logic Pro, and he does the animations in Adobe After Effects.

Second-grader Jamie’s afternoon performance (solo, with looper pedal) at the Cumberland School Variety Show, 25 February 2017:


Jamie’s evening performance at the 2017 Variety Show:


Fourth-grader Donald’s evening performance (in a ‘jazz trio’) at the 2017 Variety Show (the trio’s afternoon performance didn’t get properly recorded):


Donald (3rd grade) and Jamie (1st grade) performing as Harry Potters together at the 2016 Variety Show:


Some earlier pics of both boys:

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