Kneeling Studies

Many daily occupational tasks in the construction, utilities, and mining industries involve frequent and prolonged kneeling. Meanwhile, the cost of medical treatment, insurance claims, and interventions for knee-related injuries continue to increase. How much protection do knee pads and kneeling mats actually provide? How much kneeling is too much? How to reduce injuries and medical costs due to kneeling? CARGI is currently undertaking projects that address these specific questions, identifying the mechanisms that occur during prolonged kneeling and following kneeling (recovery), to provide work-rest cycle recommendations that minimize injury.


Personal Protective Equipment Testing

Many workers wear knee pads or use kneeling mats long after they cease to be functional, increasing the risk of knee injury. CARGI is undertaking a study to determine how often the knee pads/kneeling mats need to be replaced. Field work on benchmarks gained from the research will test the effectiveness of the knee protecting equipment. The results from this project will suggest a variety pf ways to improve the comfort, health, and productivity of your workers.