My List: Look in the menu above (under Research) for links to a list of my papers (preprints or slides for each), computer programs, and even my PhD thesis.

ArXiV: You can go straight to my Author page to find several of my papers in preprint form on the Mathematics ArXiv. Alternatively, you can search for Suzanne Lynch Hruska and Suzanne Hruska Boyd.

Google Scholar: Also has most of my papers (and finds more citations than MathSciNet, for example through arXiv preprints). Go to
Google Scholar and search authors for Suzanne Hruska Boyd.

Detool Software: My husband Brian Boyd and I have written a program Dynamics Explorer for drawing pictures in complex dynamics. It is in Java, should run on any operating system (with Java 1.6 or newer), and the user can write their own profiles to draw pictures of dynamical and parameter spaces for their family of interest.

Download at the detool page at and feel free to email Brian or me with questions!