Welcome to Biophotonics lab webpage.

This website is dedicated to providing information on the on-going research projects in Biophotonics Lab being supervised by Dr. Mahsa Ranji at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

We continuously look for hard working graduate students with a strong background in optics and biomedical optics to join our lab. Applicants especially interested in experimental research to bridge engineering and medicine can apply. Please send your CV and a brief description of background, research interests, GPA, TOEFL and GRE scores by email to Dr. Ranji.


April 2017: Shima and Parvathi presented posters in CAES research day.
February 2017: Shima presented at SPIE Bios 2017.
October 2016: Zahra defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations!
July 2016: Our JTEHM paper is selected as a featured article.
May 2016: Jeff defended his master’s thesis. Congratulations!
April 2016: Shima, Mette, and Parvathi presented posters in CEAS research day.
February 2016: Dr. Ranji presented at SPIE Bios 2016.
January 2016: Shima joined our lab as PhD student. Welcome!
December 2015: Parvathi joined our lab as master student. Welcome!
October 2015: Jeff presented in SFN conference.
October 2015: Zahra has presented in the BMES conference.
September 2015: Dr. Ranji participated in engineering 50th anniversary event at UWM.
August 2015: Mette has joined our lab as postdoctoral scholar. Welcome!
May 2015: Jeff has won the best poster award in the Great Lakes Biomedical Conference.
April 2015: Fahimeh defended her master thesis. Congratulations!
February 2015: Zahra and Fahimeh presented their work at the SPIE Photonics west.
February 2015: Dr. Ranji served in an NIH panel
January 2015: Stephanie joined our lab as a master student in Bioengineering. Welcome!
October 2014: Dr. Ranji chaired a session in BMES annul meeting.
August 2014: Erfan defended his masters degree.
May 2014: Whitney and Reyhaneh graduate
May 2014:Whitney defends her Master’s Thesis
April 2014: Biophotonics Research is featured at CEAS
April 2014:Whitney won the first place in CEAS research poster competition!
April 2014: Dr. Ranji presented at RIT Bioengineering.
April 2014: Dr. Ranji gives a talk in RIT in April.
April 2014: Biophotonics lab will present in the CEAS research day.
Janurary 2014: Whitney and Zahra present at SPIEE.
November 2013: Zahra defends her PhD proposal.
Octobor 2013: Reyhaneh defends her PhD thesis.
September 2013: Dr. Ranji presents in BMES conference.
August 2013: Majid and Fereshte joined the lab as graduate students. Welcome!
May 2013: Zahra and Reyhaneh’s papers are accepted. Congratulations!
April 2013: The students in the lab participated in the UWM CEAS research day.
April 2013: Dr. Ranji, Erfan and Whitney attended Great Lakes Biomedical Conference. Whitney’s poster was awarded third place. Congratulations!
April 2013: Kevin got a position at Prairie Technologies, an internationally well-knowm Wisconsin two-photon microscopy company.
March 2013: Sepideh got a position at Fenwal, Inc. Congratulations to the first graduate student to find a position in industry!
February 2013: Greg found a research position at Siemens.
February 2013: Dr. Ranji, Reyhaneh, and Zahra presented at SPIE Photonics West 2013.
January 2013: Our retina cryoimaging paper has been selected as the coverpage for JBO.
November 2012: Our paper has been accepted by the Journal of Biomedical Optics.
November 2012: Our paper has been accepted by the Annals of Biomedical Engineering.
October 2012: Zahra Ghanian presented at the BMES Annual Meeting in Atlanta.
July 2012: Sepideh also successfully defended her thesis, and thus completed her MS degree.
June 2012: Erfan MasoudiMotlagh joined the lab as a Master’s student.
May 2012: Kevin successfully defended his thesis, and thus completed his MS degree.
April 2012: Our recent result in Journal of Biomedical Optics is selected as cover page.
March 2012: Our paper is accepted for Journal of Biomedical Optics. Congratulations!
Feb. 2012: Our paper is published in Biomedical Optics Express. Nice team work!

Feb. 2012: Our recent result in Journal of Biomedical Optics Express is selected as cover page.
January 2012: Dr. Ranji, Kevin, Reyhaneh, and Sepideh presented in SPIE Photonics West 2012.
January 2012: Dr. Ranji presented in UIUC bioengineering seminar series.
October 2011: Dr. Ranji presented in Annual Meeting of Bioengineering (BMES), Hartford, CT.
September 2011: Three abstracts were accepted for presentation in Photonics West conference.
August 2011: Zahra Ghanian joined the lab as a PhD student.
June 2011: Our BMES abstract is accepted for presentation.
May 2011: Dr. Ranji presented in SPIE Europe conference.
April 2011: Our group has received the research growth initiative (RGI) grant.
April 2011: We have received the Wisconsin Applied Research Grant (WiARG).
April 2011: Our lab presented posters in CEAS research day.
March 2011: Dr. Ranji has received NIH K award.
March 2011:Our lab received the CTSI grant.
February 2011: Dr. Ranji presented in MCW and UWM Bioengineering series.
November 2010: Dr. Ranji presented in UW-Madison Bioengineering.
October 2010: Dr. Ranji presented in Marquette Bioengineering.
October 2010: Matthew Hying joined the Lab
August 2010: Reyhaneh Sepehr joined the lab as PhD student.
July 2010: Sepideh Maleki and Robert Williams joined the Lab.
June 2010: Dr. Ranji served as NSF panelist.
April 2010: The biophotonics lab is awarded the RGI (Research Growth Initiative) award.
April 10, 2010: Dr. Ranji presented in OSA biomedical optics conference.
March 1, 2010: Kevin Staniszewski joined the research team as a graduate student.
December 2009: Our lab received the research fellow grant.
October 2009: Dr. Ranji presented in image cytometry workshop.
September 2009: Biophotonics lab is launched.