MVE Monthly

The MVE website of the Midwest Vocal Express is available by clicking the blue MVE.ORG.   This provides information the latest events coming up, how to order tickets, and ways to contact the chorus.

The newsletters for the chorus, called the MVEer Monthly, are available below in PDF form.  Click the Month and Year in the blue links provided for the newsletter you wish to read.

September 2017 MVE-September17-1nxea9v

August 2017 MVE-August17-20q46df

July 2017 MVE-July17-296acy5

June 2017 MVE-June17-109t5ij

May 2017 MVE-May17-wj8o58

April 2017 MVE-April17-28mpzid

March 2017 MVE-March17-1j79c7f

February 2017 MVE-February17-1r5cwu7

January 2017 mve-for-january17

**** 2016****

December 2016 mve-december16

November 2016 mve-november16

October 2016 MVE-October16-2kewfqi

September 2016 MVE-September16-178l0bl

August 2016 MVE-August16-1t3qa7q

July 2016 MVE-July16-2kydgj4

June 2016 MVE-June16-u5m3er

May 2016 MVE-May16-xun160

April 2016 MVE-April16c-13g1shr

March 2016 MVE-March16-1bq4xgf

February 2016 MVE-Feb16_A-28afsrt

January 2016 MVE-Jan16-2grhkgs

**** 2015 ****

August 2015 MVE-August15-2c3fatl

June 2015 MVE-June15-1btviz1