Graduate Research Opportunities

Community Sample Data Collection

Students in an undergraduate research methods course use a community sampling procedure to collect data every semester. This procedure involves undergraduate students recruiting parents or emerging adults and then asking those participants to recruit other parents/emerging adults. Students in this course are required to recruit a certain number of participants as part of their course grade. Students receive double credit for recruiting father participants in order to promote recruitment and increase participation of fathers. Current projects include the the impact of chronic illness disclosure on social relationships and community perceptions, the development of a computerized parent training program to teach parents how to create a safe sleep environment, teenage alcohol use and involvement in the choking game, ways to improve and understand social support in the context of cancer diagnosis, pain dismissal by social supports and medical professionals, communication about medication between parents and medical providers, family influences on toilet learning, well-being and stress in the context of parenting children with chronic illness, and variability in measures of health related quality of life.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin: Gastroenterology (GI)/Feeding Clinic

Through the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin GI/Feeding clinic, there are several research and clinical opportunities. Research topics include quality of life of youth with constipation and enuresis, treatment outcomes for youth with elimination disorders, quality of life with feeding disorders, parenting stress and meal time behaviors, and coding of feeding observations. Clinically, graduate students are able to work with youth with elimination disorders through vertical team and observe and lead feeding sessions, intakes, and ongoing cases as part of practicum. Current projects include the development of a mealtime smartphone application to provide parents with real-time guidance and feedback on feeding interventions.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin: Pain and Palliative Care Clinic

Through the Pain Clinic at CHW, there are several research and clinical opportunities. Research topics include long term treatment outcomes, sibling relationships, quality of life, anxiety sensitivity, and complementary and alternative medicine. Clinically, graduate students are able to complete practicum at the Pain Clinic with opportunities to work with a multidisciplinary team conducting both individual and group therapy. Current projects include examining the effects of pain dismissal and gender differences in pain experiences.

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