Undergraduate Students

Current Research Assistants 

Amy Peterson

Hello, my name is Amy Peterson! I’m a UWM alum and am currently pursuing my master’s degree in community psychology at Alverno College. I’m applying to community psychology doctoral programs for Fall 2019 in hopes of participating in research focusing on systemic community issues, with a specific interest in experiences of children and adolescents with mental health diagnoses in the public school system. This is my first semester working in the Child Stress and Coping Lab, but I also have clinical experience with children and adolescents participating in intensive outpatient treatment.


Alaa Mohammad

Salam! My name is Alaa, sounds like Ella, and I graduated with my B.A. in psychology at UWM. I am currently applying to graduate programs in Clinical Psychology with hopes of contributing greatly to the psychological research and literature that seeks to understand ethnic groups and minorities. My research interests are vast; however, my main objective is to work toward dispelling the stigma surrounding mental health and disabilities while promoting help seeking behaviors. As a research assistant in the Child Stress and Coping Lab, I have had the fortune of conducting my own research and exploring my interests while at the same time learning from and contributing to the unique projects of the graduate students. Being a member of this lab allowed me to naturally apply what I’ve been studying in my Psych classes.


Stephanie Kusuda

Hello! My name is Stephanie Kusuda, and I am in my senior year at UWM pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have been a part of the Child Stress and Coping Lab since Fall 2017. I have started working on my senior thesis that involves surveying therapists who work with patients with eating disorders in order to examine how friendships are discussed and incorporated into the treatment process. I would like to pursue a career as a school psychologist one day. Being a part of this lab has been an awesome opportunity and has allowed me to gain the experience I need to continue my passion for helping others.


Johanna Michlig

Hi, my name is Johanna Michlig, and I am currently in my senior year at UWM pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I have been a member of this lab since Spring 2016. My research interests focus mainly on parents, children and media. My senior thesis will be looking into an intervention for promoting the use of co-viewing YouTube videos with parents of school-aged children. Working in this lab has helped me gain the knowledge and experience necessary to help me continue my education and interests within this field.



Melissa McHugh

Hi, I’m Mel McHugh. I graduated from Marquette University in 2013 with a degree in Psychology and Supply Chain Management. I plan to apply to PhD programs specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology. My current projects include studying the market for sport psychology services for youth and parents’ perceived benefits of youth sport participation. I have been a member of the Child Stress and Coping Lab since Fall 2016. I really enjoy learning about the qualitative coding process and the opportunity to improve my research writing.


Shakai Reynolds

Hi, my name is Shakai Reynolds and I am currently in my junior year at UW-Milwaukee pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I plan to immediately obtain my master’s degree in counseling psychology in order to eventually start a career as a marriage and family counselor. My research interests include studying attachment between parents and children; however, I am interested in all aspects of human relations. This is my first semester working in the Child Stress and Coping lab. Volunteering in this lab has benefited me in multiple ways; specifically my participation has provided me with the knowledge of the procedures in the analysis process for qualitative research.


Haley Hornung

Hello, my name is Haley Hornung. I am 20 years old and entering my 3rd and final year as an undergraduate student in the Psychology department here at UWM. After completing my Bachelor’s, I hope to attend a graduate school in Colorado. After that I plan to dedicate my time to research in a Social Psychology lab and making contributions to the general body of knowledge in that field. My ultimate goal is to become a professor in a University for a Social Psychology course. Participating in this lab is an amazing opportunity for me to gain the essential experience necessary to work in a lab and I am honored to be part of it because I love Psychology so much.


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