Gabriel Nogueira Garcia

Visiting Research Intern Research: Robot Kinematics

Home University: University of Sao Paulo

 Gabriel Jacobs

Visiting Research Intern Research: EEG based Brain computer interface

Home University: University of Minnesota


Kishor Lakshmi Narayanan

Postdoc Research: EEG based Brain computer interface

Sk Hasan

Ph.D. Candidate Research: Human Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot

Daniel Lomo-Tettey

Ph.D. Student Research: EMG based intervention following surgery

Mojtaba “Moji” Fathi Firoozabad

Ph.D. Student Research: Applications of EEG-Based BCI in real-time control

Md Rasedul Islam

Ph.D. Student Research: Upper extremity exoskeleton robot

Md Assad-Uz-Zaman

Ph.D. Student Research: Human Robot Interaction

Shaohua Liu

Visiting Ph.D. student Research: Automobile Engineering

Home University: Jiangsu University, the People’s Republic of China

Mark Komar

Ph.D. Student

Brahim Brahmi

Ph.D. Student Research: Nonlinear control and optimization applied to robotics, rehabilitation robotics, Mobile Robotics, Biological control (EMG, EEG), Fuzzy control and neural network control. Home University: École de technologie supérieure

Ahmed Azab

Ph.D. Student Research: “Design and development of assistive robots and exoskeleton using EMG based advanced control system


Premchand “Prem” Gunachandran

Master’s Student: Thesis concentration: Automotive Mechatronics Product System Design (Work in Progress) 15+ years Design experience in Automotive Product Engineering domain.

Christopher Spiewak

Bachelor Student Research: Design and Development of a Hand Rehabilitation Robotic Divic

Timothy Rooney

Bachelor Student

Jake Setterlun

Bachelor Student Research: EEG for BCI and Robot Kinematics

Jared Kiel

Bachelor Student

Anna C. Miller

Bachelor Student Research: Motion Data Analyses