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Shortening the disability period and improving the quality of life of physically disabled individuals who lost their body functioning of motion due to stroke, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, occupational injures, sports injuries etc.

Biorobotics Laboratory

Our research focuses on the design, development, and control of wearable robots to rehabilitate and assist physically disabled individuals with impaired upper/lower extremities.


Enabling disabled individuals to be able to take care of themselves, improving the mobility, independence, and quality of life. Thus reducing burden of the family and communities.

Research Highlights

  • Bio-robotics – wearable robots, rehabilitation robotics, exoskeleton robots (for rehabilitation & motion assistance), human-assist robots, service robots, surgical robots, medical robots, human-machine interface.
  • Intelligent system and Control – nonlinear control, artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy systems, fuzzy-neuro control, adaptive control, control using bio-logical signals such as electromyogram signals, autonomous navigation, tele-robotics, teleportation

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Biorobotics Lab

Mohammad Habibur Rahman