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Bicycles and motorcycles are integral components of transportation systems in the United States and around the world. At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Bicycle and Motorcycle Engineering Research Laboratory we are partnering with domestic and international manufacturers to help them deliver the rider experience that their customers want.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Engineering Research Laboratory

The UWM Bicycle and Motorcycle Engineering Research Lab offers students the opportunity to collaborate with manufacturers in designing and building test equipment, collecting and analyzing data, and formulating mathematical models that enable those manufacturers to maximize desirable handling characteristics of two-wheeled and narrow-track vehicles.

Undergraduate students currently receive funding through the UWM Support for Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program and from contracts with outside manufacturers.


We are helping manufacturers around the world make their vehicles safer, and pursue new market opportunities with unique test equipment that is available nowhere else. We also get out of the lab from time to time and help local riders directly by supporting free bicycle tune-ups at local clinics.

Tire testing at UWM’s Bike and Motorcycle Lab

Uncontrolled bike weave behavior animation created for Wikipedia. Click to run.

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