Chemical Analysis

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Thermo Electron S4 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Low level concentration measurements of metal ions in aqueous solution (and some organic solvents)
  • Elements can detect:
    • Lead (>80ppb)
    • Arsenic (>400ppb or >2ppb by hydride generation technique)
    • Cadmium (>15ppb)
    • Mercury (>3ppm or >2ppb by hydride generation technique)
    • Phosphorus (>210ppm)
    • Calcium (>10ppm)
    • Potassium (>10ppm)
    • Silicon (>2ppm)
    • Ask about the ability to measure other elements
  • Double beam Stockdale optical system
  • 1800l/mm grating
  • Photomultiplier detector
  • Flame atomization: air/acetylene or nitrous oxide/acetylene
  • Dueterium continuum-source background correction